The Prayerbabies

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Prayerbabies: December appearances

Pbabies 1 Nite Only Twice II! 22&29 Dec

Foloing on from the abject success of ykno, when we did it before, the PRAYERBABIES, in conjunction with Dead Horse & Guttural Prod, bring you themselves in

Still Live.

It’s not really anything different & definitely not new, in fact giving it a hokey title (Still Live — pfft!) doesn’t change nuttin, but you seemed to like how it came out lastym, so…

Fri Twenty-toof dec @ Union*

Fri Twenty-ninfe dec @ Lomond**

Please, do come.

One, the other, either; really, we’d be stoked.

& hava home-grown NQFNQ custard apple too!


*they don’t do friday gigs anymore, cepting this, jus for youse

**surely not the final Loie?!?

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The Prayerbabies Radio crackles to life…


Subj: Prayerbabies One Night Only

Txt: Twice!Again!

Fri 5f May Lomond Hotel Nicholson St  9:30-12:30

Sat 6f Union Hotel Brunswick 9-11

Expanded assertions from Pbabes Analytica to folo…


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It’s TRUE!
The band that would not die will be performing at the Rainbow Hotel, Fitzroy on New Years Eve from 8pm. Tix available online very soon! Stay tuned!

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Tago Mago Madness

Come one, come all to Tago Mago, the brand spankingly new bar at 744 High St, Thornbury, 9:30 – 12:30!

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