The Prayerbabies

Many layers of the Onion

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At a multi-generational bbq, controversy arises when an unrelated child is admonished by the matriarch for pointing, laughing & imitating her breaking wind, emitting a sound akin to a hybrid of a duck’s quack & hitting a ripe, wet melon with an open hand. The issues raised & unforeseeable consequences throw modern parenting, corporal punishment, the hound’s-tooth fabric of our society & flatulence into, & latterly with, sharp relief.

The Plap.

A play in two acts by PRAYERBABIES@UNION HOTEL* THIS SUNDY 5 – 7

xxxe’en NexLomondFriAug14/F&T@MLAug22 *109 Union St Bruns


Sundee Best

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All mildly amusing subject lines aside, this is gonna be spesh. xxxe’en

“Sunday Gospel Show with South of the River and special guest Ian Birdwheel-Frights (de la Prayerbabies et Fire&Theft) THIS SUNDAY 26th July: Stones of the Yarra Valley 14 Hubert’s Road, Coldstream. Melway 275 H11

Time: 2:30 – 4.00pm Tickets: $20/18 (at the door) The concert will take place in The Chapel which seats 140 people. It has hand-rendered walls and great acoustics. Make a day of it, come early and have lunch either at the mezze wine bar or the restaurant, or stay late and dine in style. South of the River will be performing their Port Fairy Folk Festival repertoire. Come along prepared to have both body and soul warmed. See you there. Valerie Ashton”


Why the what? P-babesWreckSat 9til11

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“The recession is perhaps not as bad as WHAT we expected”; oo, love that totally superfluous WHAT which is used with such abandon – DO hope we can hang on to it as the lingo continues to evolve… & has anyone else noticed the ‘sh’ {or even ‘sch’} which has crept into virtually any word with an ‘s’? – including the re-naming of our great nation, ‘Auschtralia’ – I can’t pick a hard-n-fast rule for it’s usage; any suggestions? Whilst we’re in the shade of the pedantree – do you really think omega-3 fatty acids like being called ‘fatty’? …bit of ‘do as what you’d be done by’ wouldn’t go aschtray…

PRAYERBABIES – THIS SATDY 9-11pm (that’s ELEVEN pm finish – a solitary grumpy neighbour!) RECREATION HOTEL 170 QUEENS PDE N FITZ



Foibl Management

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Rumour is, you’re wearing purple elastic-less “Mr. Forgetful” underpants – I’ve got to tell the Press SOMEthing, the jackals! “Improvised Helmet for Home Safety Week” covered last months saucepan-stuck-on-your-head debacle, but this calls for drastic measures – commando will save us – be prepared to drop ’em, comprehensive, for the paparazzi when I give the nod.


PBF&T Foible Management In Discretion, U Bet U Assured.



Mind Reading Made E-C

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– you’ll notice I use the singular there…one is way enough – erm,

PRAYERBABIES reinvigorate your flaccidryday fridaynyts – 10pm @ the CLIFTON HILL Hotel cnr Queens Pde & Wellington st THIS FRI 17f AUG (and evry 2nd week afta that if u guys grace us with your presence) I knew I was goin to say that…