The Prayerbabies


Written on December 14, 2016   By   in gigs

Yes! No, I mean ​…​ ​H​ ey! I turn my back for a momentyear and 2016 goes and mostly sucks in the biggest ways aginable, both im, and unim. But, phew, we can put all that behind us now with the band that caters almost exCLOOsively to outsiders who’ve had enough of insiders having enough of enough is enoughdom!!** *THE ​PRAYERBABIES ARE BACK* *Xmas Odd* 23 Dec 9-11pm at UNION HOOTLE BRUNS *New Year’s Odd* 30 Dec 9:30-12:30 LOMOND HOTHELL ​^​ E BRUNS For those who read labels, scour ingredients, and have long, luscious unbendy memories, this product consists of no less than 50% genuine Prayerbabies; 50% genuine Sparebabies; 75% ​OF​ Colonial V-Knees and eerily, a full 80% of the ​ archaic​ final Rococo Pops line up — five bands in one! No… wait — three..​ . *​OCORS, U KNU THEY’D B BAA-AAAAAAA-AAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ACK​!!!* ​…well..?​ ​xxxe’enqfnq *except west^ ​^​ **two star rambling ​ at best, but​ If you ​type​ a word enough ​enough​ , it looks ​ spelt wrong​. ​^Dorothea Mackellar is undeniably the pernicious root of our inaction on climate. ^ ​^​ and south